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Drying a property after a flood or water damage is not simply a case of emptying a room and plugging in dehumidifiers, despite what some drying companies and home insurance companies might tell you.

Moisture has a habit of getting behind the plaster so the walls often need to be stripped before drying can begin.

Water can also lay dormant under laminate flooring for a long period of time before you even realise there has been a leak, and a water-damaged floor must be completely dried back to the DPC before replacing the laminate.

Flood damage can be devastating and deep-rooted. It can cause structural damage, and can even undermine a building’s foundations and structural integrity. As such, is it vital that any flood damage is investigated in full, as the damage you can’t see is usually far greater than what you can see.

One common mistake we see, is insurers trying to begin repairs before the damp is fully eradicated. It may look ok for a while, but after a few months, any damp trapped by the new plaster and finishing materials will start to appear.

Damp also comes with health risks. It important that you DO NOT attempt to, or be persuaded to live in a house that has a high moisture reading.

So if you’ve suffered a flood or water damage to your property, don’t take any chances. Call Tangible Drying today, and let the property drying experts dry it out properly.

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How our property drying service works for you…

We’ll carry-out a damp survey and ask your authority to deal directly with your insurer on your behalf

We’ll prepare a detailed report and quote for you, explaining our recommendations

We’ll meet with the insurance Loss Adjuster to go through our report and get the work agreed

We’ll install the necessary drying equipment at your property, and regularly monitor progress

Once the drying is complete, we’ll provide you with a certificate of dryness showing the final moisture readings

We’ll invoice your insurance company directly on your behalf, who will simply ask you to approve our work

We can deal directly with your insurer on your behalf

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How Tangible Drying have helped others…

``Thank you Tangible``

``Thank you for all your efforts in getting the Insurance Company to agree the work, and for carrying-out the drying in a very professional manner. You made the whole process very painless.``

``What a great service``

``The insurance people said it was just a bit of water staining, but the Tangible inspecton showed that the water had spread behind the plaster. Thanks for sorting it with the insurer and getting the kitchen properly dry.``

``Your help was invaluable``

``Just a quick note to thank you for all your help and advice in dealing with the insurance company and the loss adjuster in getting our house dry. A brilliant service, thank you.``

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