What our customers say about us

Want to know what we’re like? Listed below are a number of testimonials and thank-you notes sent to us by various property drying customers. We are very proud of these, as receiving these wonderful pieces of feedback lets us know that we’re doing a good job and keeps us totally committed to providing an outstanding service.

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Our mains water pipe which runs under the Kitchen floor started leaking so I called Tangible and they were there the same day! There was no evidence of a leak except the noise of gushing water and the water meter whirling around, but after an investigation by Tangible, It turned out to be the pipe under the kitchen cabinet. Tangible made the whole process very smooth with the insurance company. It was not just the inside knowledge of the insurance business but the technical building knowledge as well. They did a fantastic job and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Clare McCabe
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I was in the process of buying our first family home when we received the call that a pipe in the loft had burst and the whole property was flooded. This at the time was a shock and a huge inconvenience. We decided to use Tangible to carry out the drying. The communication they gave us was faultless, always keeping us up to speed of what was happening. The team were very skilled and a pleasure to work with. They were very thoughtful of our situation and always working as hard as they could to get us moved in as quickly as possible. Tangible’s service through the project was first class and I would happily use them again

P. Newman
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I would like express my sincere thanks for your wonderful service. After suffering a burst pipe in Jan 09, I was allocated an insurance assessor and builder from the Insurance Company. Later I was horrified with the work and the wet unfinished state that my house was left in. However Tangible, came and saved me by taking over the claim and restoring my home to a high standard. It is now dry and beautiful once again. Thank you.

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When we suffered a flood at home, the team from Tangible dealt faultlessly with our claim from start to finish, making a stressful time far more manageable for us. We were particularly impressed with the way Tangible liaised with the insurance assessor on our behalf.  I’ve since heard various ’horror stories’ from others who have had to make similar claims on their home insurance and now realise how fortunate we were to have been put in touch with Tangible at an early stage, helping us minimise the stress and upheaval caused by the flood. This meant we could get things back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible

Hugh McClelland
Bob ClementsCase Studies