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The story of the leaking washing machine

by Bob Clements on October 30, 2014 , No comments

We recently went out to a job that we are beginning to see a bit too often. The client had a new washing machine delivered and installed a few months ago, and when it was installed, the water feed pipe was put on cross-threaded, meaning that there was a small amount of water leaking from the connection.

The problem was only discovered when the laminate floor started to buckle at the edges and we found that the water was running down the pipe behind the washing machine, and was going under the laminate flooring and was also being sucked up the walls behind the kitchen units.

So the kitchen units had to be removed, the floor had to be ripped up, and the plaster had to be taken off the walls, so that we could get the place dry, and all because someone didn’t screw the fitting onto the washing machine properly.

Bob ClementsThe story of the leaking washing machine